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(Xinhua) -- ■Chinese compan●y Huawei launch◆ed in Spain○'s northeastern ci■ty of Barcelo●na on Sunday th○e P10 and P10 P〓lus on the occasio○n of the M●obile World◆ Congress (MWC〓).The Huawei P10 ha●

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s a 5.1-inch screen ○with Full HD◆ resolution and it i◆s powered by a Kirin◆ 960 proces◆sor. With a batter●y of 3,200 mAh ○equivalent t●o about two days ■of battery lif◆e, the P10 only ◆weighs 145 gram

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s ◆and has a finge〓rprint scanner a◆t the front.The■ Huawei P10 Plus■ has a 5.5-inch ■display, a 3,750 mA●h battery and the s○ame processor as th〓e P10.Huawei ○highlighted ■the quality● of the cam■er

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a of both device〓s, a dual-r●ear camera setup ●that is develope〓d in partnership○ with Leica."Our● impressive ne○w Huawei P10 a〓nd Huawei ●P10 Plus weave toget●her the exceptiona○l imaging ■capabiliti

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Mexico or Austr●alia.Huawei also lau◆nched Huawei Watch◆ 2 and Porsch〓e Design Huawei ◆Smartwatch■, a 4G spor●ts weareabl■e. It offers rea●l time heart beat ●monitoring and ◆comes with Googl■e Assistant.●On Sunday several ■companies suc●h as ZTE, Lenovo◆ Moto, Sams〓ung, Nokia or LG la■unched their new● devices ahead of■ the official openi●ng of the MWC, the w◆orld's largest event○ of the mobile

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biggest sm●artphone mak●er, unveiled○ a new handset on Tu◆esday targeting mobi●le gaming enthusi○asts and vir〓tual reali◆ty camera l〓overs.Zhao Mi●ng, president o〓f Honor, one of◆ the major ■brands of H●uawei Tech◆nologies Co, u○nveils the〓 new Honor V9○ smartphone in BeiH◆uawei unveils〓 V9 aimed at gam〓e loversHuawe■i unveils V9 ai〓med at game lovers●02-22-2017 1■6:24 BJTHuawei Tech■nologie

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鬿nor V9 came ●out as the◆ company's sub-bra●nd Honor said it wil■l focus more on se〓rvices and ○new technolog●ies.That came ○as the group〓 deals with s◆urging component ○costs and competes ●with Samsung Electr◆onics Co Lt◆d in the high-◆end market.Honor V9 ■comes with a 5.7-●inch 2K screen. I◆ts vision an◆d sound effec○ts have been o◆ptimized for ○Onmyoji, a ●popular mobile ga■me developed 〓

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by NetEase Inc.Price○d from 2,5○99 yuan ($37

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